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Groups & Healing

Healing from sexual & relationship violence can be a unique and empowering experience that can happen through different ways. CARE helps develop, co-sponsor and/or promote campus programs that can provide survivors opportunities to explore ways of healing, safety, and support. These programs may provide a space to process, learn coping skills, as well as connect survivors to a community across campus. 


Please complete our Healing Program Interest Form for  more information about UCSD CARE's Healing programs. The information we collect will be used to get a better understanding of who we are serving and what our campus community needs are. Once you submit, a confidential victim advocate will follow up within three business days to discuss options and schedule an intake appointment. Questions about this form and our healing options can be emailed to


UCSD CARE Healing Program Interest Form

Growth/Support Groups

These groups typically meet weekly throughout the quarter except where indicated. Regular attendance is expected and an intake/consultation appointment must be completed to participate.

Sexual Assault Support Group

This is a closed processing group for female-identified survivors of sexual assault. 4-6 individuals meet face to face to share their struggles and concerns with 1-2 trained group therapists. Process groups are typically unstructured. There isn’t a specific topic for each group session, but some of the groups may be focused on a particular theme based on the needs of the group members.

Psychoeducational Workshop Series

Workshops also meet weekly. Because these workshops focus on learning and practicing specific skills, these workshops typically meet for a shorter period of time. Attendance is expected and participants typically register in advance.

Back to BAEsics: Building Healthy Relationships Skills

This workshop series offers practical skills and creative strategies for loving and equitable relationships of all kinds: partners, friends, roommates, family of origin, chosen family and more!

Spring 2020: Dates TBD

This closed workshop series is open to all registered UCSD students, single or partnered. Limited space available. To register, call (858) 534-5793 or complete our online interest form.

Healing TIES: Trauma-Informed Education & Support

This short term series for adult survivors of sexual assault will provide information about trauma, its impact on survivors, build a sense of community, and offer skills for coping and growth.

Spring 2020: Dates TBD

This is a closed offering to sexual assault survivors of all gender identities. Limited space available. To register, call (858) 534-5793 or complete our online interest form. A brief intake appointment is required before the first meeting.

Yoga as Healing

CARE also hosts offerings that provide an opportunity to explore healing in a variety of modalities.

Trauma-Informed Yoga as Healing

This eight-week yoga series for survivors of sexual trauma explores reconnection to the mind and body. This program provides survivors of sexual violence a means to connect to their bodies and allows them to explore the benefits of mindfulness, guided practice and meditation.

Students must submit an application and complete an intake appointment with a CARE Advocate to participate in the yoga series. Applications are now open for Winter 2020. 

For more information, call (858) 534-5793 or email Cindy Villaflores, Confidential Victim Advocate, at

Additional Campus Resources

Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) offers many group, workshop, and forum opportunities  throughout the quarter for a wide variety of topics and audiences.

Online Group Offerings and Resources offers online support groups for male-identified survivors of sexual abuse and assault and their partners. 

NSVRC also has an Online Resources for Survivors reference guide for online support resources through the use of forums, chat rooms, self-help and general resources to survivors of sexual violence.