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Holistic Healing

CARE at SARC recognizes that healing is not linear and is not limited to one modality. A person who has experienced trauma may benefit from a unique set of approaches and adaptable methods for healing and growth. CARE at SARC’s healing workshops and programs offer a space for survivors to explore and experiment with different healing modalities.

Please complete our Healing Program Interest Form for  more information about UCSD CARE's Holistic Healing programs. The information we collect will be used to get a better understanding of who we are serving and what our campus community needs are. Once you submit, a CARE staff will follow up to discuss options and schedule an intake appointment. Questions about this form and our healing options can be emailed to

If you're interested in our group healing programs, please email

Transforming Trauma- Peer Support Groups for Sexual Assault Survivors

This is a closed peer support group for student survivors of sexual assault. The purpose of the group is to promote a sense of community, self-empowerment, and to provide a safer space for survivors to learn self-care and coping strategies by building on existing strengths. For closed groups, regular attendance is expected and an intake/consultation appointment must be completed to participate.


Healing in Community Workshops

Healing in Community are workshops and healing groups that center the intersections of survivors by focusing on identity specific impacts that survivors may face. The focus of these groups is creating community, exploration of healing strategies, de-mystifying stigma, providing education and support.


CARE Cove is a healing group that centers experiences of survivors of sexual assault, partner violence, and stalking who are Masculine/Male identifying and/or expressing. CARE Cove explores healing strategies, the impact of masculinity on survivors, and de-mystifying stigma. This group is currently being offered to undergraduate and graduate students at UCSD.



Rainbow Reef

Rainbow Reef is a space that centers the intersections of LGBTQIA+ folks and survivors of sexual assault, partner violence, and stalking. This group works to identify healing strategies along with emphasizing the importance of community and intersectional experiences. This group is currently offered to both undergraduate and graduate students both in-person and virtually.


Healing Through Empowerment

Healing through empowerment is a workshop series that focuses on the use of art, movement and grounding techniques to engage in self-expression, self-discovery and connection to community. Our art, movement and grounding focused workshops can be spaces where you have the opportunity to experience new insights, creativity, and joy.

Healing Harbor (Art)

Use creative expression to explore the endless opportunities to reflect the beauty from inside your mind to an outside tangible or performative work of art. Let your curiosity and intuition guide you to draw, paint, write, and/or sculpt your feelings. There are no grades and happy mistakes are encouraged!


Make Waves (Movement)

Similar to the human mind, the body remembers and stores trauma in different parts of our physical being. Incorporating simple movements and adjustments in our routines can assist the body in healing itself from past experiences. Let energy flow out of your physical body to make space for renewal with activities that center movement. 



CARE Anchor (Grounding)

To ground oneself is to bring the mind, body, and spirit to the present moment through awareness in the senses and reconnection to earth. With grounding, one can reach a sense of security and stability as one navigates drifting through life’s many stressors- like an anchor to a ship at sea. Learn and practice various grounding techniques to center yourself through intentional acts of self care to increase resiliency, feelings of belonging, and self esteem.


Yoga as Healing

Yoga as Healing - Trauma Informed Yoga 

This eight-week yoga series for survivors of sexual trauma explores reconnection to the mind and body. This program provides survivors of sexual violence a means to connect to their bodies and allows them to explore the benefits of mindfulness, guided practice and meditation.

Students must submit an application and complete an intake appointment with a confidential CARE Staff to participate in the Yoga As Healing series.