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Talk to An Advocate

What is an Advocate?

A CARE Advocate is a trained professional staff member that is available if you would like confidential help in sorting through your resources and options. CARE Advocates operate within an empowerment model of support, aiming to provide those impacted by violence with their rights and options, on- and off-campus resources, and supporting whichever path you feel is best for you at this time. We welcome students, faculty, and staff— as well as support individuals — to meet with us in a safe and confidential space.

CARE Advocates:

  • Are trained professional staff that assist victims/survivors of sexual assault, relationship violence, and stalking.
  • Can be with you during interviews, phone calls, line-ups, or any other proceedings that involve criminal or administrative reports.
  • Provides accompaniment to case related meetings and/or hearings.
  • Do not share information with campus administrators, law enforcement, or any other entities unless you provide us with expressed written consent (with the clear exception of issues concerning possible child abuse, elder abuse, or threat to self or others).

Victims and survivors are entitled to have the assistance of a trained victim advocate at all times (CA Penal Code 679.04). The information you choose to share with your CARE at SARC advocate is privileged, protected, and therefore confidential*.

*Warning: Communication on the Internet is NOT secure; third parties may view and store confidential communication. All communications with users of CARE services are privileged and confidential under California Evidence Code Sections 1035.2 and 1037.2.

Connect with Support Services

Survivors in the UCSD community can receive support services from CARE at SARC. Connect with us and learn more about your rights and options.